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The Indiana Familial Cancer Roster and the Indiana Familial Pancreatic Cancer Roster were created to gather information on family members with an increased risk for developing cancer.


The roster information serves as a resource for researchers and clinicians studying the causes and treatment of cancer. Individuals in the roster are eligible for research studies conducted at Indiana University or at other academic centers in the United States.

Who is eligible

  • Individuals who have a personal history of cancer at an unusually young age (for example, breast or colon cancer diagnosed below age 50 years).
  • Individuals who have a personal and/or family history of cancer which appears to be inherited.

What is Involved

Participating in the roster involves providing family history information, relevant medical records and a blood sample for banking DNA. 

How to Participate

Mailing Address: 
Cindy Hunter, Genetic Counselor
Medical and Molecular Genetics Department
Indiana University School of Medicine
975 W. Walnut St., #130
Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • Once the forms are received, we will arrange for the blood sample. A kit will be mailed that contains the instructions, blood tubes, and Federal Express packaging for shipping the sample to us. There is no charge to you for shipping the blood sample. There may be a small charge for having the blood sample collected at your physician’s office.  The peripheral blood sample should be drawn by a qualified professional.

Questions: 317-994-3966.  

Department of Medical / Molecular Genetics
Indiana University School of Medicine
975 W. Walnut Street, #130
Indianapolis, IN 46202